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SilverSneakers College SAVE

Your workouts can add up to big savings with SilverSneakers and CollegeSave

As a SilverSneakers member, you can save thousands of dollars on tuition for your loved ones, simply by working out at a participating SilverSneakers location. It's easy—and free—with CollegeSave.

Saving is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here's how

Step 1

Sign up for CollegeSave

We'll give you 1,000 Tuition Rewards® points just for signing up for a CollegeSave account. That's $1,000 in tuition discounts.

Step 2

Add Students

Shortly after sign up you will receive a confirmation and activation email for Tuition Rewards. Upon activation you will be able to add student(s) to your account.

Assign a grandchild or another member in your extended family as the beneficiary of the Tuition Rewards® benefit. Students between birth and August 31st prior to their Junior year of high school are eligible.

Step 3

Visit a participating SilverSneakers location

For every month you visit a SilverSneakers participating location seven times or more, we’ll add 250 Tuition Rewards® points to your CollegeSave account. That's $250 in tuition savings each month, just for working out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for CollegeSave?
The colleges cover 100% of the cost of the tuition discounts, making it possible for SilverSneakers to offer you this valuable benefit at no additional cost to you.
Which schools are participating in the program?
Nearly 400 private colleges and universities throughout the nation accept Tuition Rewards®. View participating schools
How much can I save?
You can save up to one full year's worth of tuition costs for each student you enroll. You'll enjoy automatic savings off tuition in four equal installments during the four years of college at participating schools. All students must get admitted under standard admission criteria of the participating school.
Which students in my family are eligible?
All students in the member's extended family are eligible—from birth to the beginning of their Junior year of high school. Members can designate their child, stepchild, niece, nephew, cousin, godchild or grandchild as the recipient of the tuition discounts.
Can I add multiple students in my family to receive the tuition discounts?
Yes! You can register your grandkids and other members of your extended family. Simply set up a ratio to designate how much you'd like each loved one to receive.
How do I get started?
Head to to register. After that, keep an eye on your email for more directions!
I went to a participating location 7 times this month! When will my points show up?
It can take up to 60 days for your points to appear in your Tuition Rewards® account:

Date of 7th Member
Visit (monthly)
Date Visit Appears
in Account
I went to a participating location but they only swiped the location card, not my SilverSneakers ID! Will I still get the points?
Yes! The participating locations might use their own card and system to check you in, but they will let us know you visited so you’ll get your points!
Can I earn double points if I go to a participating location twice in a day?
No – only one visit per day is counted.
Can I earn more points if I go more than 7 times in a month?
No – additional points are not accrued beyond 7 visits (250 points).
Does my spouse need his/her own email address to register?
Yes! Having a unique email address ensures each of you get credit for all of your visits.